Igniting CSR and Professional Development Training

Improve your team’s effectiveness with powerful, interactive workshops and community involvement initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) +
Employee Development and Training

SPARK CSR offers mindful and impactful workshops and events that will improve the morale and effectiveness of your team.

Our sessions are completely live and interactive in order to ensure participants are engaged- from members of your staff all the way to management.

A Better System that Works


Together we’ll discover what your company and individual team members’ goals are to develop a programs that right for you.


Improve the personal and professional skills as well as overall morale of your team to be in line with your company goals.


Connect with and support the cause in your community that best reflects goals the culture of your team and company.

SHE MAKES YOUR JOB EASIER! It’s key to invest in your teams and Marly Q. provides education, inspiration, and practical tools to empower your leadership. I highly recommend her workshops to all!

Jessica H.



Personal and Professional

Time Management Training

Equips your team with strong and effective skills that will improve prioritization and productivity.

Goal-Setting Training

Establishes the powerful habit of documenting, prioritizing, and successfully executing tasks and goals

Mindset Training

Develops a consistently positive mindset and perspective that nurtures personal and professional confidence and productivity

Personal Accountability Training

Empowers your staff to own their tasks and responsibilities and value their contribution to the company

Communication Training

Instructs multiple ways to improve physical and verbal communication skills on a daily basis

Self-Care Training

Examines the importance of mental and physical wellness and helps participants establish an effective self-care practice

Leadership Training

The culture of your company or organization is everything. Not only do you want a cohesive team across all departments, but you want to ensure employees have opportunities for development, growth, and leadership within their careers.

In many cases, however, your employees may not have the skills and training necessary to be promoted into leadership roles. So, how do you ensure your company and employees are equipped to grow?

The answer is leadership training — for everyone.
Inspire your team to think and act like strong, effective leaders in the workplace and outside!

What sets our development programs apart?

Live Workshops and Events

All sessions are conducted with a live host/presenter to manage the energy of the room and to create an inviting space

Educational Formats that are Engaging and Unique

No more boring powerpoints or one-dimensional presentations. Each program encourages participation and interaction from every attendee.

Followup Strategies that Reinforce the Content

Participants receive short, powerful emails to help establish the healthy habits taught in each workshop.

Effective CSR pairs you with the right nonprofit or cause

Our corporate social responsibility program focuses on pairing companies with nonprofit and community organizations that have massive synergy. We’ve learned that the CSR programs with the best results are the ones where the company and its directors are passionate about the cause they support- we source the right nonprofit with the right initiatives that will yield the best results.

Your passion needs to translate to the rest of your team so that your effort and work can leave an indelible mark on the success of your desired nonprofit. This will also push your company to carve a corporate culture that engages the staff that makes your business run to also get involved in your community and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

But first, let’s focus on your team. You see, we believe personal and professional development stretches far beyond your associates’ scope of work. Granted, every individual should already be good at achieving the tasks they’re hired to do proficiently or fast, but let’s be real, there’s always room for improvement. We pay attention to the foundational aspects of personal and professional development because we know improving those skills will create a stronger, more effective team.

Our goal is to help you build your staff’s confidence, skills, and efficiency while growing your corporate social responsibility initiatives with the perfect cause and nonprofit.

Trusted Partners

Our Training Programs Are Trusted By Many Organizations All Over The United States

You can count on us to create a successful CSR program with impactful personal & professional development training for your team and company.