About Spark CSR

Our CSR and Staff Development programs were designed to work in tandem. We like to focus on improving the wellness and productivity of teams while we develop a company’s community outreach program. In many cases, our clients ask us to focus solely on professional development before even addressing their corporate social responsibility.

Promoting a positive and enriching environment in the minds of your associates and your workplace will have a powerful effect on the morale as well as productivity of your team. We’ve found that one of the major benefits of this is a lower employee turnover. When your employees feel good and take ownership of their role in your company, they tend to stay with you longer.
Our focus goes beyond encouraging volunteerism and donations. Throwing money and time at a problem may help but it doesn’t always yield the best results. Instead, we’ve created interactive workshops and courses that teach personal and professional skills that are practical and effective. These workshops include but are not limited to:
✅ Leadership Training
✅ Goal Setting Training
✅ Mindset Training
✅ Personal Accountability Training
✅ Communication Training
✅ Self-care Training


We’ll empower your staff with powerful, practical skills while developing your company’s community outreach.


We believe a confident and engaged team will be better equipped to give back to your company’s community initiatives.

Marly Q. Casanova

Founder and CEO

Marly Q. Casanova, better known as Marly Q, is an award-winning Event Creator, Personal and Professional Development Coach, and Kindness Influencer helping people develop powerful and effective habits through the power of kindness to transform their lives, their work, and the world around them.

Marly Q. is a master Event Creator with 10,000+ hours working with the corporate, nonprofit, academic & public sectors. Her success & expertise in producing large-scale community events is what inspired her to start teaching & coaching individuals with the important leadership skills needed to succeed in business, and life.
In 2010, Marly Q. started a social movement called PARK Project, a volunteer-driven 501c3 non-profit, on a mission to inspire people to PARK (Perform Acts of Random Kindness) worldwide. As the founder, she fully understands the importance of motivating and inspiring team members and volunteers in order to achieve a lasting impact.
In 2018, she was a TEDx speaker to spread the idea that “kindness is your superpower”, a concept that became the foundation to her approach in Spark CSR. Since then, she’s led workshops, retreats, and events for clients like FIU, Pediatric Associates, Miami-Dade College, Baptist Health, Intermedia Touch, and STARS Global Preparatory.
Marly Q. is the embodiment of a servant leader with a natural talent for inspiring & igniting people to take action. Whether she’s speaking, teaching, or creating events her mission is the same; to be the spark that inspires others to grow professionally and personally.


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You can count on us to create a successful CSR program with impactful personal & professional development training for your team and company.