Time Management Training For Busy Professionals

When your employees are able to manage their time efficiently, productivity levels go up, and so does your business’s overall performance! Your teams can not only get on top of their to-do lists and sail through deadlines, but they are also left with free time to focus on self-improvement and professional development. At Spark CSR, we help corporate organizations to conquer their calendars and clean up their checklists by brushing up their time management skills.

Why Add Time Management Training to your Team Training?

Time management involves a conscious effort to structure and plan your activities to ensure that priority tasks are performed without things getting stressful. We are here to help you master this art! With the help of our time management course, you will learn how to work smarter by planning your time accordingly. Our courses are nothing like the traditional lectures that are doing the rounds! We focus on methods that are instrumental in forming healthy workplace habits and highlight actual psychological strategies that can help you manage your time better.

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Why Is Time Management Training Important?

Build A Team With A Cautiousness Of Time & Productivity
In a team, if every member is self-discipline and morally aware of the value of time, it’s natural to gain better productivity at the end of the day. Providing a right time management training to your team and employees can help you build a time cautious productive environment within the organization.

Benefits of Time Management Training


High Productivity

Learn how to finish priority tasks within a stipulated amount of time without being distracted. Your efficiency soars, and this positively impacts the organization’s bottom line.


Stress Free Workplace

Employees who know how to prioritize tasks effectively and manage their hours are less stressed than their counterparts. It also positively impacts their satisfaction levels in the workplace.


Improved Quality Standards

With time management skills up their sleeves, employees won’t waste their hours procrastinating. Instead, they give tasks their full attention and get them done systematically!


Work Life Balance

By completing projects well within deadlines, employees will have more time for themselves. This will enhance their quality of life and also contribute to their mental well-being.

The 4 Key Things You’ll Learn

Learn To Focus Deep


In this module, you will learn how to tackle mental distractions that stand as obstacles between you and your work assignments. Know how to build razor-sharp focus by connecting your projects to your long-term career goals and learning needs.


Ace The Work Destributionr


This contains a goldmine of strategies for your star managers. Along with time management tips, we will be focusing on how dividing tasks can be both empowering and help in building trust within the team.

Convey It Loud & Clear


Miscommunication in the workplace does not only eat up precious work hours and lead to messed up projects, but it also causes frustration. To avoid such mishaps, we will teach valuable communication skills through exercises which individuals can perform as a team.

Learn To Avoid Procrastination


Get past the “I will do it later” trap and develop a “NOW” attitude to life through this interactive time management course. We will guide you with tips and tricks on how you can train your mind to keep procrastination at bay.

Meet Your Time Management Coach



Marly Q. Casanova, better known as Marly Q., is a successful social entrepreneur and leadership coach who helps people discover, tap into & leverage the power of kindness to transform their life, their work and the world.

Marly Q. is also an award-winning event creator with over 20 years of experience creating successful events for companies, municipalities and non-profit organizations in South Florida, raising well over $1M for dozens of charitable causes since 2002.

As a Philanthropist, TEDx Speaker, Host Of Time To Be Kind with Marly Q. Podcast and Founder of 501(c)3 PARK Project, her mission is to influence people to Perform Acts of Random Kindness (PARK) worldwide.

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Why Our Clients Love Us

“SHE MAKES YOUR JOB EASIER! It’s key to invest in your teams and Marly Q. provides education, inspiration and practical tools to empower your leadership.”
Jessica Hierrezuelo
Vice President of RCM, Pediatric Associates
“If you are experiencing challenges with employee engagement and low productivity, I highly recommend working with Marly Q!”
Ketema Thomas
Coordinator, Envision Physician Services
“I’ve been practicing yoga and self-care for 30+ years and Marly Q’s classes are consistently refreshing & rejuvenating.”
Dr. Heidi von Harscher
Assistant Dean of Women in Medicine & Science, Florida International University
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