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At Spark CSR, we strongly believe that you have the best employees already stationed within your company! But how do you help them to perform their very best and take the lead in ensuring your organization’s success? There is one simple answer for this — dynamic and results-driven leadership training. Play a key role in making the employees of today the star managers, the initiative-takers, and the change-makers of tomorrow with our leadership development programs.

Why Add Leadership Training to your Team Training?

Regardless of the industry you are in, having transformational leadership skills helps you to rapidly succeed and grow in this excessively competitive world. After all, being a leader in the 21st-century workplace means so much more than simply delegating work. Spark CSR’s leadership training courses go beyond people management; they are designed to help you inspire, engage, and influence in the office and outside. With our leadership development programs designed for your specific needs, you will learn how to set better goals, and thereby set yourself up for success in the professional space.

This is where Spark CSR can help!

Introducing our Leadership Training Program!

Why Is Leadership Training Important?

Create New Leaders & Invest In The Future Of Your Organization

Leadership can, and should, be demonstrated throughout all levels of an organization. At my company, we recently completed a leadership course developed by University of Florida professor and corporate coach Matt Sowcik.

We learned about a great variety of subjects in the nearly three-month course, but standouts included: learning not to pigeonhole people, learning not to be afraid of change, trying to see yourself as others see you and communicating with others in the ways they prefer.

Just a few months later, we can already see the positive impact the course has had on the entire company.

Investing in leadership training isn’t just a way to refresh and reset the mindset of your existing leaders. By providing it to all employees, your workers can better understand their current roles and learn what it takes to become exceptional leaders in the future.

Benefits of Leadership Training


Improved Performance

Leadership development programs equip employees with clarity, better decision-making abilities and also gives them a sense of direction. The result? Enhanced productivity!


Better Employee Retention

Let your employees know that you care about their growth within the organization. By preparing them for leadership positions, you get the opportunity to hire from within and retain top talent.


Enhances Company Culture

Employees will not only thrive in a workplace environment that supports their desire to aim big, but also leave our program with valuable strategies for effective communication with their peers.


Boosts Profit Margins

Great organizations are led by greater leaders. Your senior executives can take your company to new heights by revisiting its vision and goals through the lens of an effective leader.

The 4 Key Things You’ll Learn

Communicating Under Stress


This module is designed to address the impact of stress on communication in the workplace. Here, you will learn effective coping strategies and the four most useful approaches to communicating like a pro during high-pressure situations.


Effective Everyday Communication


Yes, communication is key, but our workshop contains the master key that unlocks doorways to more fulfilling relationships with your loved ones, and with yourself. Here, you will be acquainted with the four major communication roadblocks and the powerful anchors of Mindful Communication.


Mindful Communication


Mindful communication helps us to live fuller, healthier social lives. But this interactive workshop for professionals and teams goes way beyond this. It is specially designed to enhance emotional intelligence, empathy, and self-awareness, thus leading to more cohesive, closely bonded teams. By means of this workshop, your team will learn and implement ONE easy strategy that has the potential to completely change how they approach emotionally charged interactions.

Setting Goals And Following Through


Set goals like the boss that you are! This workshop walks your team through the basics of setting goals and how one can consistently lead projects, right from their initiation to end. It explores five ways through which one can facilitate the smooth running of a project without getting overloaded!

Why SMART Goals will keep you on Track

Learn all about SMART goals and why it is the important refuge of billionaire entrepreneurs and investors around the world. This interactive workshop will revisit this popular goal-setting strategy and shake you and your team up with ways to prioritize and complete tasks that get you one step closer to what you seek!

Conflict Resolution


Through this workshop, we will collaboratively explore the main triggers of conflicts, mediation strategies, and the three most useful tactics that can always be relied upon for conflict resolution in the workplace.

The ONE Toxic Lie Keeping You Stressed

Is negative self-talk holding you back from realizing your true potential? Are you always stressed out because of assumptions you hold? In this workshop, we will break apart the lies that weaken your mental strength and help you uncover the wonders of positive affirmations.

Adapting To Change

Change is the norm for us to evolve. Through this workshop, your team will learn how to embrace changes in leadership and in the workplace. They will walk away with five powerful approaches to adapting to disruptions at work and in their homes.

Self Care In Busy Schedule


All work and no play is never good for anyone, even the busiest leaders. This module will introduce you to de-stressing techniques and unpack self-care tips that you can implement while on the go!

How to make TIME for YOU

This workshop explores smart strategies through which you can sneak out some time to recharge yourself and then get back to working on your goals, refreshed and rejuvenated!



Marly Q. Casanova, better known as Marly Q., is a successful social entrepreneur and leadership coach who helps people discover, tap into & leverage the power of kindness to transform their life, their work and the world.

Marly Q. is also an award-winning event creator with over 20 years of experience creating successful events for companies, municipalities and non-profit organizations in South Florida, raising well over $1M for dozens of charitable causes since 2002.

As a Philanthropist, TEDx Speaker, Host Of Time To Be Kind with Marly Q. Podcast and Founder of 501(c)3 PARK Project, her mission is to influence people to Perform Acts of Random Kindness (PARK) worldwide.

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Vice President of RCM, Pediatric Associates
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Ketema Thomas
Coordinator, Envision Physician Services
“I’ve been practicing yoga and self-care for 30+ years and Marly Q’s classes are consistently refreshing & rejuvenating.”
Dr. Heidi von Harscher
Assistant Dean of Women in Medicine & Science, Florida International University

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